1 st January 2017 MBKC Club Championship




  1.1   Title & Jurisdiction – General The 2017 MBKC Ltd Championship is organised and             administered by the Manchester & Buxton Kart Club Ltd in accordance with the                 General Regulations of the Motor Sports Association (Incorporating the provisions             of the International Sporting Code or the FIA) and these Championship                             Regulations.




  1.2.1 Co-Ordinator/Chairman Raymond Nuttall


  1.2.2 Vice Chairman Sam Pollitt


  1.2.3 Eligibility Scrutineer Dave Bird


  1.2.4 Competition Secretary Julie Nuttall


  1.2.5 Club Secretary Alan Crankshaw


  1.2.6 Club Treasurer Sue Turnbull


  1.2.7 Committe Members Mark Cranham, John Turnbull




  1.3.1 Entrants must be fully paid up valid membership card holding members of MBKC                and in possession of a valid 2017 MSA Entrants Licence. Competitors under the                age of 18 must be accompanied by the holder of a Kart PG Entrants licence who              must sign on as Entrant of that Competitor.


  1.3.2 A Competitor shall not take time off school to participate in Motor Sport without                     prior written approval of their school. If participation in the Championship requires               absence from school, drivers in full time education are required to have approval               from their school in order to fulfil registration for the Championship.


  1.3.3 All necessary documentation must be presented for checking at all rounds when                  signing on.




  1.4.1 Membership of MBKC is the only requirement.


  1.4.2 Membership fee is £55.00 per person. Membership runs from January 2017 to                    December 2017. Entry fees are £50.00. These fees may be subject to revision.                  Any alterations will be notified in writing prior to an event.


  1.4.3 Membership is available all year round. Members can only accumulate points from              date of membership enrolment.




  1.5.1 The 2017 Championship rounds will be held on the dates as follows: February 26th              March 26th  April 23rd May 28th June 25th July 25th August 27th September 24th                  October 29rd November 26th


  1..5.2 Events will be held at Three Sisters Race Circuit Wigan.


  1.5.3 The Organising Club will be Manchester & Buxton Kart Club Ltd. All entries to be                sent to: Competiton secretary 3 Foster Croft Penwortham Preston Lancashire PR1            0AN


. 1.6    SCORING


  1.6.1 Points will be awarded to competitors for finishing order of the finals in each class              at each round. Before allocating points non-members are removed from final                      positions. All Karts that come under starters orders and take the start, will be                    classified as a finisher on a roll back of laps basis.


  1.6.2 Scoring for finishing order in the final will be as follows:


                  1st = 25 points           7th = 12 points              13th = 6 points  

                  2nd = 22 points          8th = 11 points              14th = 5 points 

                  3rd = 20 points           9th = 10 points              15th = 4 points

                  4th = 18 points           10th = 9 points              16th = 3 points

                  5th = 16 points           11th = 8 points              17th = 2 points                 

                  6th = 14 points           12th = 7 points              18th = 1 points     


           For all classes 8 out of the 10 rounds count, except in the event where some                    rounds are not held in which case 2 less round than actually held will count.


  1.6.3 Ties will be resolved by considering which driver scored the maximum 25 points in              the most rounds. If this does not resolve a tie, the number of rounds in which                    drivers scored 22 points will be considered and so on for each decreasing possible            score until the tie is resolved.


  1.6.4  For Championship points appeal see the Blue Book section C6.5.1 1.6.5 Should                 any Driver or Kart be excluded from the meeting for any reason they cannot drop               that round. MSA general regulation C3.5.1 – C3.5.2 of the Blue Book will apply,                 with the exception of penalty (C) which will not apply, except when specifically                   added to the penalty by the Clerk of the Course


  1.6.6  In the event of a meeting being uncompleted for any reason the following will                     apply:


            A) if an event is stopped prior to the completion of the heats there will be no                       points or awards given at the event.

            B) If an event is stopped after completion of the heats the result will be declared               on the Grid positions for the final, and trophies and championship points awarded               accordingly.

            C) Any refund of entry fees will only be considered if an event is stopped before                 official practice has taken place. If an event is stopped after official practice has               taken place no refund will be given.


  1.7    AWARDS


  1.7.1 Per round there will be one Trophy awarded for every four entries in each class.                 There will also be one Trophy for 1st Novice in each class. Trophies not collected              after the meeting at the Presentation may be forfeited.


  1.7.2 Overall Championship – The winner of each class will receive a Championship                    Trophy plus the perpetual trophy, which will be kept until the last round of the 2017            series. In addition all other trophies for finishing positions will be at the discretion              of the Committee, held after the series has finished.


  1.7.3 Title to awards in the event of any provisional results being revised after any                      provisional presentation and such revisions affect distribution of any awards, the                competitor concerned must return such awards to MBKC in good condition within 7            days.


  1.7.4  Championship points will be published via the website. Results become final 7                  days after being published, and any queries must be made in writing, to the                      Competition Secretary before this date. Any amendments / alterations after this                 date are not permitted. 2.0 SPORTING REGULATIONS – JUDICAL                                   PROCEDURES 2.1 ROUNDS: are in accordance with Section C of the current                   MSA Yearbook and the MBKC Supplementary Regulations, the 2017 Karting                     Penalty Trial Table of mandatory penalties as appended to these regulations.




           In accordance with section C of the current MSA Yearbook and the MBKC                        Supplementary Regulations, the 2016 Karting Penalty Trial Table of mandatory                  penalties as appended to these regulations.




  3.1    MSA 2017 Specific Karting Technical Regulations apply together with the 2017                  MSA Kart Race Year Book. 3.2 Acceptable classes are: Senior X30 Junior X30                  Minimax Junior Rotax Senior Rotax KZ2 / 125 Gearbox Honda Cadet Iame Cadet              Bambino

We are located at:

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Raymond Nuttall

Mob. 07455002160


Competition Secretary



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